The Quest Chronicles: Yay, For ME!!!

Model: T-Quest


I’m so proud of YOU! Time to turn up the music, pop a bottle of champagne, & rock out…party of ONE! You read right, party of one! I’m not ashamed to celebrate my own accomplishments; even if I have to celebrate alone. So don’t be shocked if you ever see me go LIVE, turning up all by myself!

Many people rely on others for their happiness and approval. What about self happiness and approval? I’m here for others praising me however, if no one was around, I would treat myself for my hard work.

I remember receiving rewards or received an honor and couldn’t wait to tell somebody. Excited to hear many congratulations. Once it didn’t happen, I became upset. Why aren’t they happy for me? How come they’re not proud? Why aren’t they jumping for joy? Question is, why did I allow them to steal my joy? Why is my mind focus on them, on what they’re not doing; instead of using this moment to be proud of myself?

As humans, it’s OK to have feelings and to be upset but another person shouldn’t validate you. You should continue to be proud of your accomplishment and hard work even if you have to congratulate yourself. Treat ones self & pat yourself on the back. We have to stop relying on others for everything as if self, isn’t good enough.


It reminds of people who are single. They’re always searching for people to complete them. No, you should already be 100% whole before you meet someone else. If you can’t make yourself happy; be your own motivation, that’s an issue. If you don’t feel complete without a significant other in your life then you have a bigger problem that needs to solved.

All I’m saying is, we need to start appreciating YOU. Catering & make time for our first love which is SELF! Know that you are more than enough. Look, if no one has your back, make sure you have your own.

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