The culture we know as Hip Hop comes from the streets and the people. At ATLTOP20, we have garnered a reputation in the industry for seamlessly serving and feeding both. Our mission has not wavered since 2010; Empower the artists and salute the DJs. We invite you to bear witness the urban music industry from the perspective of its foundation which are the DJs.

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Contrary to popular belief, the DJs run the music business. Not only will we show you why they do, we will also highlight every element that makes the industry work from artists, producers, engineers, influencers, etc. Our attendees will have a thorough understanding of why our DINNER WITH ATLTOP20 brand is so important to bringing the next generation of talent to the forefront while simultaneously showing appreciation for our foundation. For artists who want to know how to break records in its principle form, this is the conference to attend. For the producers and engineers that want to contribute to artists having records broken and opening them up to a whole new network, this is the conference to attend. For the songwriter that has dope concepts and melodies but needs the right artists and people in position, this is the conference to attend. For the influencers who need content to promote and break to the masses, this is the conference to attend. This conference is all about serving the people and directing them on building a career on the proper foundation; because with the proper foundation, anything can be built.

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