By: Kimbretta Clay

Oooooooo…lalalaaaaa,dada da…DoReMeFaSoLaTiDo

I loves me some music y’all, all kinds of music!
The beat, the way it makes me feel, the way it causes me to remember a particular time period, the way a hard core rap or rock song can make you feel like you’re strong and can beat anybody’s ass! lol….then there’s the message music that makes you say “Amen” or “Hell Yeah” because you was thinking or feeling that same way or it just spoke to your soul…and ooooowwwwweeee, the songs that make you sing out loud with all your heart, because they tell a story that is so close to home.

Fun Fact: I think it is the most adorable, cutest thing to see a Man who “can’t sing well” singing a good old song out loud with no shame.  (my brother does this all the time with his ol non sanging a***)
Sorry, not sorry ladies but I do not get the same fuzzy feeling when you do this. I love you tho

Okay, it’s only so much you can write about music, you really have to hear it. So, I’ll just list some of my favorite songs (no particular order), a couple of snapshots of what I name my playlists and some funny videos (Judge yo Mama)

Speechless- Beyoncé
Any man of Mine – Shania Twain
Slow Motion – Juvenile
Yes – Shekinah Glory
For your Glory – Tasha Cobbs Leonard
Dirty Deeds – ACDC
Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood
Cherry Bomb – The Runaways
Hail Mary – Tupac
Shake You Down – Gregory Abbott
Deja Vu – Avion Elisse feat. Simpo
I wanted you – Avion Elisse
I wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston
Scarred- Uncle Luke
Something About the Name Jesus – Kirk Franklin
Can I take you Home – Jamie Foxx
Ne Me Quitte Pas – Nina Simone

Okay, I gotta stop, because I could go on and on those are just what came to mind while typing.

My leader plug for today…Music is healing, it’s therapeutic, it’s been found to sharpen the mind. I offer you this, make it a part of some part of your day-I bet you feel better. You may not have a need for music daily, which is understandable…heck sometimes I break away from the tunes in my headset to listen to comedy, podcasts or self love videos…BUT don’t deny yourself completely, Music Is….it truly is a continuum and I absolutely love that it’s also a conversation. Hmph, If I send my Guy a song he’d better listen to every word, because I’m talking to him through the power that is music.


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