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How many of you have those friends that always come to you complaining about their boyfriend or girlfriend?  To the point you’re trying to figure out why are they still together? What’s keeping you there? Kids? Stability? The Sex?

I know for sure that as the “go-to” friend, my ears get tired after a while. Yes, I’m here to listen when you’re going through relationship problems but i’m also here to listen to happy moments too! Do you have any? If not & the relationship’s that bad… LEAVE!

I realize some people enjoy confrontation, raising their voices and pretty much acting a fool. Even when they come to me for advice, they never actually use it. They turn around and be like ” I should have listened to you” OBVIOUSLY!

After their long winded rants, all I ask is, Why are you still together? Are you ever happy? Then it dawned on me, some people are in relationships for convenience & stability. I hear people say, “I’m only there because I don’t have no other place to go. Once I save enough money, I’m out! I’m only there because I don’t want to be alone. I’m only there for the money. The sex is wack, they’re kind of annoying but I deal with it. On the flip side, the sex is AMAZING & i’ll tolerate everything else just GIVE IT TO ME!

On that note, I’m going to end this here because that alone is a whole other topic. I wanna here your thoughts, are you the friend that complains about your relationship over and over again or are you the friend that has to hear it constantly? Most importantly, why did you stay so long & if you’re still with the person how healthy can this be?


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