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The last couple of weeks have been interesting to me. I had my T-Quest Tuesday Competition
before I went to Jamaica for my birthday gig & it was incredible! I just so happened to run into
an old friend from high school who told me she was running for Alderman in our city! In my
excitement over hearing this, I gave her my mic to speak to the people about the importance of
I also interviewed her on my radio show & after hearing what she had to say, I decided to go out
there & help her with the campaign. She opened my eyes to look at politics in a new perspective
but my biggest concern before, during helping (knocking on doors, making calls) & after is
Many great candidates didn’t win because of popularity & the fact that the people in their area
didn’t go out to vote. Why? Is it because they no longer trust politicians?. They feel they’re not
really here for the people, especially not in a positive way. So great candidates like my friend
Leslie Navarrete as well as countless others barely had a chance.
Politics reminds me of relationships. When you meet a potential candidate in the race for your
heart, they speak their spiel to capture it & then end up not delivering. Leaving you with trust
issues for the next one. It's a toxic pattern that we wish we could avoid. So when the right one
comes around with good intentions, we tend to have a wall up & most won’t get a chance to
break it down.
Where do we go from here? How do we change this? Politics as well as the dating scene. I
guess, it’s just best to take it slow, do your research & take chances. You can’t assume
everyone is bad or you’ll miss out on an opportunity of being with someone great or having
someone great in the right position 😀

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