Update Omarion Still Tell All To Vlad TV | @omarion

Omarion talks what really broke up B2K, getting back together for the check, and what happen to being apart of YMCMB and then not signing. This interview might be one of the best one to follow form Vlad; or it could be that Omarion is a great interviewer. Watch him speak on it here.

#GETSOM via @thisisdjsamore

O on B2K breaking up

Omarion vs Raz , Fizz, and Boog : Omarion speaks on it here

Omarion on Boy Bands getting ripped off :


Omarion talking about the Face Off project with Bow Wow, and what happen between him and YMCMB.


Omarion recently had a b day, November 12! Happy Birthday O!!

I can’t wait to the new O, dropping 2020. How about you?



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