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Not trying to be a Debbie downer but statistics shows that the suicide rate is at an all time high around the holidays. While some are excited, others are depressed feeling alone, & overworked. By all means I’m not trying to take away anyone’s joy, I’m just asking if people can be a little more kinder and sensitive to others during this time.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks but I sometimes wonder if people are actually thankful for what they have. I hear more people complaining about what they don’t have instead of appreciating what they do. Someone like me looks at things from a different more positive perspective. Be mindful of the negative energy you put out in the atmosphere. It’s YOU that’s bringing life to what you say. Because of life experiences, I realize people don’t appreciate the small things until it’s no longer in their possession. Don’t wait unto a rude awakening to understand how blessed you are in this very moment.

Around this time, not only are people dealing with the passing of relatives/friends but have  the constant reminder that they’re not no longer here. Bitter/sweet moments that we all process differently so i’m asking you all to be mindful of this. Show more love & give more hugs. Short, sweet & straight to the point. Happy Holiday!

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