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When I first experience the vibe of this song, omg I played it about 20 times back to back with extra repeat sauce on this track Delafaye has a great pen game, tell her how you feel and she shall deliver you a hit, she has worked with legends and i stamp when I say this she will be in that category soon and you read it here first but  about Delafaye. Danielle La’Faye Carr (Born February 6th, 1987), often known simply as “Delafaye aka Delafaye Music” is an American Rap artist, songwriter and musician. Delafaye comes armed with a high powered energy, an infectious stomp-box rhythm and a lovable approach with tunes ranging from heart-felt to socially conscious that will move both your heart and hips. Delafaye is like a musical butterfly who’s been granted unlimited creative metamorphoses. Even her musical chrysalis stage was a surprise emergence. Unlike so many Chicago female artists, Delafaye’s approach is one that stands out. Raised alongside 3 brothers and 1 sister, on the eastside of Indianapolis, Delafaye was always surrounded by music blended with a religious background in her mother, who sang in a band called VERSATILE which included her late grandfather who played bass. It was a freestyle battle Delafaye attended at age 15 that mad her really want to take music serious and become a star. “I was 15 years old, I selected to participate in a freestyle battle at a Pacer game. My parents had no idea where i was lol. At the time, there was a popular boy group that was holding the competition. I was the only girl in the competition and we all had to spit our best 16. I ended up passing the first round and had to do a freestyle in front of thousands of people. I won the competition! I wasn’t nervous, and didn’t stumble my words.. I was very comfortable! It was organic. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a star.” The music itself blends influences of some of Delafaye’s own musical heroes which include Missy Elliot, Chaka Khan, Angie Stone, Tupac & Bun B to name a few – along with Delafaye’s lyrical ability to explore human nature at its best and worst. Delafaye’s evolution as a songwriter and performer since a teenager has been remarkable, having released several music videos and mixtape projects as well as performing on some of the dopest stages throughout the Midwest. The
energy can sometimes be witty and it’s a persona she skillfully embraces in her shows, but to hear her musical storytelling with such a clear painted picture, is an entirely different dimension. Her soul speaks of a creative writer that thrives in a vast range of musical styles. Her new single “NO XANS NO PERCS” is no doubt a standout track, and
an undeniable vibe many consider “Game changing”. Delafaye’s career vision is one with no limits, and she plans to prove that by displaying her massive work ethic.




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