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Have you ever heard someone say, this year was rough & can’t wait for the new one to start? How about 9 to 5ers, constantly counting down to Friday so they can escape for the weekend? When are we finally going to wake up & face REALITY!

Every year it’s the same sun & dance with the way people act around new years & I’m here to shine some light on reality. Every year of your life hasn’t been the worst. You’re just experiencing life! We all go through up & downs throughout the year which is expected because everything is not going to be perfect. Did you notice many say the same thing every December? The year may have not went as planned but don’t discredit the good times. It’s not fair especially not to self or whomever may have been involved.

Just like people who mourn Mondays & always counting down to Friday to get here. Are YOU ready to face reality as well? Many people are not fond of their jobs but use that as motivation to push harder for your dream career in your off time. Did you notice that every week you wait for Friday to come, you missed out on the awesomeness that could have happened Monday through Thursday? You can’t turn back the hands of time do stop rushing 4 days to get to 3. Most of the time its filled running errands & rebuilding your strength for the next Monday. Doesnt seem that thrilling to me.

Look, I’m only here to help you look at life in a new perspective. If things are not working out, change the narrative. Life isn’t as bad as you think if you try to focus your engery on the more positive parts, appreciate the good & take advantage of the time we have here on this Earth. Stop waiting for Friday & New Year to get here. Enjoy, appreciate & take advantage of TODAY!!!

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