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For anyone who knows me, it’s very clear that I’m always here for others. If I can help, give advice; i’m just a message or phone call away. I’m the first to tell people especially the seasoned entrepreneurs that it’s our job to help the ones coming up after us. Now I can see why many of them start to stray away. Am I going to try to help when I can… Absolutely but I have no choice but to switch up how I handle people going forward.

Lately I been putting in more work for my business & brand because I’m my number one promoter. I get contacted on the regular with great feedback and potential clients. My hard work is paying off. In the midst of it, I’m still doing therapy sessions for those in needs, counseling, & helping because that’s the type of person I am.

Then there comes a time where i’m so over humans and have to take a moment to breathe. For example: On facebook people may send you a friend request. I’m the type to confirm, then go straight to messenger and give you a proper greeting on being my new friend. Is this always reciprocated; absolutely not. Sad to say it but when it comes to artists in particular, they are the WORST! They would hit you with a thumbs up, ask for your email then send hundreds of links. Who told them that’s how you properly communicate with someone? Not to single handedly point them out but some djs, promoters, and personalities are guilty as well. Flooding your messenger which mixes, pericope links, flyers & dozen of pages to LIKE without even acknowledgment  you with a simple hello.

When did we become so rude? Whatever happened to manners? Professionalism? Communication is STILL an issue? Are we so busy that in one minds its ok to drop links and keep it moving? As a person who’s trying to get their business off the ground or trying to put their talent out there, you have to remember this is a business & it has to be handled accordingly. If you want real positive results in what you’re doing, pay attention to how you’re doing it. You’re the reason why your career is at a standstill. Bring it back to the basic, show some respect & get it together!

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