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Tell me if this sounds familiar, “Omg my birthday is coming up, I’m getting so old! What have I accomplished? Am I on my career path? I’m such a slacker! I should be married with children by now! Oh no, here comes a pile of unnecessary stress & tears!”

The other day one of my friends hit me up and told me she’s about to turn 35 & practically pushing 40 which is close to 50! Wait, did she just add 15 years onto her life that quick? I had a puzzled look on my face trying to figure out why she’s in tears. Snap out of it!

We live in a society with unorthodox traditions that we semi try to follow but when it brings you to tears; something has to give. I told her to relax, you’re young, married, with children & on the right career path… what am I missing? She was too busy crying about getting older that she didn’t even realize that life wasn’t that bad.

We have to break society’s psychological theories & appreciate life! I remember meeting an elderly lady & she laughed about me staying young and beauty. Talking about, “you don’t want to be my age!” Uummmm, yes I do! It’s not realistic to stay young but the whole purpose is to grow older because if you don’t, you’re pretty much dead. Once again, do you hear yourself? Yes, as we get older we start to feel like we’re breaking down, bones start to hurt, not as flexible, heartburn and the whole nine yards BUT at the same time, getting older is awesome too! Stop focusing on the END and just enjoy the journey. You’re blocking more happy moments in your life when you do this.

Time is forever ticking but remember we can’t get it back so ENJOY! If you’re unhappy with your situation redo your mental vision board & make changes. Don’t waste time complaining when you can be using this time to get life back on the track you desire for it. Woosah, take a chill pill, get to work  & take advantage of this amazing journey called LIFE!

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