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What’s good everyone, it’s your favorite blogger T-Quest back with you all again to give you an inside scoop of some new talent that came my way. Let me introduce you all to Aye Nyce!

Aye Nyce

Aye Nyce was born originally in the caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago . Even though he’s been doing music for quite some time as his passion, it wasn’t until 2005  when he decided to take his music career more serious. It was in 2007 when he debuted his first official single titled “Strutta Walk” with Chris Scholar. In no time the single took off & instantly went viral on the internet. Musically, things started to go so well that within a year, Aye Nyce was apart of his first official tour. He got the opportunity to be apart of the “Stop the violence tour” w/  a DJ from the hit movie You Got Served! A moment in time he would never forget.

This was only the beginning for Aye Nyce as he started receiving offers from record labels. It was in 2009-2010 he got another great opportunity to open up for Wiz Khalifa on his “Wake n Bake” Tour as well and for Gucci Mane & Brick Squad Ent in 2011. Although Aye Nyce would always have a love for music in 2013 he switched gears a little bit and started boxing. Unfortunately shortly after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. A minor set back for a quick yet strong comeback.

Recovering from cancer, he was more than determined to turn things back around. Aye Nyce slowly begun to  get back into music by performing and doing radio interviews on the regular. On the rise and forever building his career he started his “Vibe With Me” clothing line to switch the game up then dropped his single which went viral!

Things were looking great but once again life took another turn. 2018 was a very rough year for him from being homeless to losing his job. Even though it was a tough time, he didn’t allow it to break him because the following year he dropped his single ” Where my Shake at” and been on tour & performing even since. Now it’s time to see what 2020 has in stored for this inspiring hard working  artist by the name of Aye Nyce! Check out hit single :Where My Shake Out” below & follow him on social media.

Twitter – @iamayenyce Instagram @iamayenyce Facebook- Ayenycemusic

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