What happened to the music Industry| Satanism in the music industry

Satanism in the music industry

Satanism in the music Industry

The deeper and deeper you look into the music industry the more and more you will hear and see symbols, and imagery laced with messages of murder, sex, and suicide.  You may think saying satanism in the music industry is harsh but compared to the lyrics in the music is it a stretch?   No particular genre is safe from what seems to be a satanic hold on the listeners and viewers of today’s music.  I remember when singers were singing of treating others with respect and kindness and treating women with the upmost respect.  This particular article may sound like praise of the 50’s and 60’s but every era had their shortcomings.  A man swooning a woman or speaking about how hard he works was a common theme in music across all genres no matter Black, White, Spanish or religion.  This article is asking for focus and awareness on content rather then judging it.  I’m not here to condemn the music or the artist but more so hold the listener and the creator accountable for what is put out in the world for consumption.

What happened to the music?  Was there always satanism in the music industry?

The music we hear before us today is completely different then decades ago.  Think on the first time you heard gangster rap or sexual pop songs in the 80’s.  While music has always been a reflection of the times we lived in it didn’t quite promote open drug use, sexual deviance, or overt violence.   People will blame hip-hop for the fall of mankind but not so fast my friends.  I remember when hip-hop was full of dance battles and house party grooves.  What happened to Kurtis Blow or The Sugar Hill Gang?  I’m not speaking on the simplicity of their rhyming schemes but rather their content.  What happened to Frank Sinatra and the rat pack?  Many used to be content with the B.B. Kings blues but if sex is not infused with electronic booming drums it will get pushed aside. Who is responsible for what the youth is watching and hearing?  The parents of course.  The responsibility I’m asking about is when parents are not around and music and imagery is being broadcast to the youth over the net and at family activities.

Who is really behind what we see and hear?

The million dollar question is who distributes this music to the world?  The answer can be found with a quick Google search.  You notice the same people own most of the major labels and distribution companies worldwide.  These same people own the major television, news, and movie companies as well including porn.  We are constantly being berated with content that shapes and influences youth and adults alike.  The same community that claims to be God’s chosen has put many in a position of no return.  The people you see performing the music are not the ones who own or get the biggest slice of pie.  The people are  desensitized to destruction and disrespect of others.  I am also guilty of writing and promoting music that has had a negative affect on the world.  I’m not clearing myself just expressing what I see and feel with the music before us today.

What is the solution?

I honestly do not have a one size fits all solution for what I see as a major issue.  The power lies in the hands of the people who purchase, listen, and promote the music.  The artist are not looking to be righteous they are looking to be paid and will say and do what they believe will get them paid.  Industries rely on money to draft their marketing and product plans.  Follow the money and see where your dollars and sense lead to.  The awareness creates an environment where action can be taken.  If we want to stop the increase of violence and sex offenses then we must speak on the truth that has such a profound effect on our neighborhoods.  I’m not promoting the censorship of speech.  My solution is to hold ourselves accountable for what we purchase and promote and let our children listen to.  The music industry is ever changing but not set in stone.  We have the power and ability to fight back and must do so to protect our sanity.


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