Tips and Tricks for a Flawless Foundation Routine

There are a few different elements that can make or break a makeup routine, here are a few tips and tricks that will ensure a flawless face every time.

The first step in perfecting your foundation routine is to develop a daily skincare regimen. The average skincare regimen contains anywhere from 5 to 8 products. A basic skincare routine would include a facial cleanser, toner, scrub/exfoliator, serum or moisturizer, and a facial spray. Having a good skincare regimen makes the makeup application process 10x’s better.

The next step is skin prep, which goes hand and hand with skincare. During the skin prep process, you would apply any makeup primers or moisturizers that you prefer. Oil-free moisturizers and mattifying primers are the best skin prep for oily skin. For dry skin, hydrating primers and moisturizers can be interchangeable because they will serve the same purpose.

Selecting the right type of foundation is a very important factor in the makeup routine. The best way to find the right foundation for you is to sample different formulas and brands. Most makeup stores including Sephora and Ulta will allow you to sample up to two foundations per visit. Satin and Dewy finish foundations work best on dry skin whereas matte foundations usually work best on oily skin. Once you find the brand and formula that you like, then you must find the right color. If you are selecting a full coverage foundation it is best to match the color of your neck/chest because that will be the only skin that is left exposed. When selecting a concealer color you want to go two or three shades lighter than your foundation color in order to brighten and highlight the face.

Once you have the right products, it is time to work on your technique. The best technique for applying foundation is to pat the foundation into the skin using a dense makeup brush. Using a dense brush with soft hair will quickly build up the coverage and provide a smooth and even tone. Once the foundation is applied all over the face you want to go back in with a soft beauty sponge a blend until you can’t see where the makeup starts and stops. After the foundation, you use the same patting and blending technique for applying the concealer to all of the high points of the face (under-eye, nose, upper lip, forehead, and chin.)

Once everything is blended out it is time to set it into place. Some people prefer to set with pressed powder and others prefer loose powder. Pressed powder is a quick and mess-free way to set your makeup but loose powder gives a smoother and more perfected look. There are a few different techniques for applying loose powder. For oily skin, applying the loose powder with a beauty sponge is best because it applies more powder. For dry skin, apply the loose powder with a large fluffy brush because it will apply less powder.

The last few steps are optional but they make a significant difference in the final product.

Bronzer/contour, blush, and highlighter are the perfect finishing touches to a foundation routine. The bronzer/contour brings a little more definition to the face making it look more carved out. The blush brings life to the face by adding a pop of color. The highlighter is like the icing on top of the cake. It adds a nice shimmer and glow to the face, perfectly merging the blush and bronzer.

Last but not least you want to seal everything in with a setting spray. There are many different types of setting sprays, some are mattifying, some are hydrating and some are illuminating. Just like every other product, you should select the best setting spray for your particular skin type. If you follow all of these simple steps you are guaranteed to have a flawless foundation routine every time.

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