Best Brands for Non-Sticky Lip Gloss

Lipgloss is one of those products that most women have a love/hate relationship with. They love the way that it looks but they hate the way that it feels. A lot of lip glosses can leave the lips with a sticky and dry feeling within only 3 hours of the initial application. Here are a few brands of lip gloss that will keep your lips comfortable and cute all day long.

The Full-on Plumping Lip Cream by Buxom is a creamy full-coverage lip gloss that lasts up to 5 hours on the lips. This lip gloss has vitamins A and E as well as hyaluronic acid which helps to both moisturize and plump the lips. The full-on plumping cream has over 15 beautiful shimmer-free shades to choose from. If shimmer is what you’re into, then Buxom also offers the Full-on Plumping Lip Polish. The Lip Polish is a shinny and sheer version of the lip cream with over 25 shades to choose from. It comes in three different finishes including sparkle, pearlescent, and shimmer. The Lip Polish has the same great wear-time and formula as the lip cream, it just has a little more razzle-dazzle.

The So Juicy Plumping Gloss by Colour Pop is a long-lasting sheer gloss with a high shine finish. So Juicy contains vitamin E which helps to moisturize and condition the lips. It also contains plumping peptides that give the lips a more full and pouty look. This gloss has a very comfortable and cushiony wear that can last up to 7 hours on the lips.

The Lust Gloss by Pat McGrath Labs is a luxurious high-end lip gloss that is worth every penny. This gloss is made with a lustrous blend of oils that help to nourish and soften the lips. It also has a multidimensional shine that gives the lips a more volumized look. The Lust Gloss comes in many different finishes including glitter, opaque, transparent and pearlescent. This gloss has the soft and buttery feel of a lip balm with the high-shine of a lip gloss.

The Gloss Bomb by Fenty Beauty is a beautiful sheer gloss that will have your lips popping all day long. This gloss contains shea butter which helps to keep the lips hydrated and smooth. The Gloss Bomb also has a super glossy and shimmery finish with an irresistible peach- vanilla scent. Fenty currently has six shades in the permanent collection and a few other shades that were released with the Christmas collection.

So if you love lip gloss but hate the sticky feel, give one of these brands a try to see if they change your opinion.

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