High Quality Makeup Brands With the Best Shade Ranges

It is no secret that before 2014 there weren’t many makeup brands that had products to suit every complexion. Over the years most brands have become more inclusive in order to appeal to a larger audience. When comparing brands by shade range it is important to take note of both the number of shades offered and the different undertones that are offered. If a brand has 100 different foundation shades but all of the dark shades have a warm undertone then the brand still doesn’t have a good shade range.  Here are a few high-quality brands that have the best shade ranges for every complexion.

Juvia’s place is a brand that keeps everyone in mind when creating their products. Their velvety foundation sticks come in 30 different shades ranging from the deepest dark to the fairest light. They also make blush, setting powder, concealer and more to match every skin tone. Juvia’s place is most famous for their eye shadows that are so pigmented that they can show up on any skin tone with no primer.

NYX is another brand that is very inclusive when creating their products. Their “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” and “Born to Glow” collections have over 90 shades combined, including warm, cool, and neutral undertones. They also have concealers and setting powders to match, along with a good selection of blushes and highlighters.

Fenty Beauty is probably the most recognized brand for having inclusivity and a great shade range. Their first marketing campaign for the “Pro Filter Foundation” broke the internet because people were so shocked and excited by the shade range. Fenty kept that momentum going with the release of their shade sticks, bronzers, setting powders and blushes. No matter what shade you are, there are Fenty products for you.

Bare Minerals does not get the credit that they deserve for their amazing shade range. Even though they’re known for the loose powder, they are one of the only brands that has a pressed powder for every undertone there is. Their shade range in the liquid foundation is pretty good as well but a few of the dark shades tend to have a warm undertone. Bare Minerals is constantly releasing new shades so I’m sure that will be improved in no time.

There are a lot of great brands that cater to men and women of every color and these were just a few. If you have any favorite brands with good shade ranges please leave them in the comment section below, your engagement is greatly appreciated.


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