“I love my city, It’s so much talent here and I just want to give a platform to showcase it,” said Steve “The Commissioner” Davis.


A native from Fayetteville, NC and a big pioneer on the party scenes, The Commissioner stopped by the JC Live Experience to talk about “Da Chop Shop” podcast in which he co-stars with creator William Kutlass. Davis sits down to reminisce about throwing parties in the ville also known as (2-6), linking up with party promoters “Money Gang”, and giving an exclusive scoop about the podcast, one of the hottest trending talk shows out right now. 

Da Chop Shop is one of the highest viewed internet shows of the Carolina’s. During the podcast Davis and Kutlass stream live on Facebook (FB) to discuss various topics from politics, trending gossip, and music. They are also the new culture wave for various talents because they are interactive with their viewing audience and stream music videos during their show. 

Kutlass who will talk about anything and not hold his tongue for sh*t, along with witty and comedic Davis, air their show every Sunday at 6 pm live.

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