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Do you have the dream of becoming the new big thing in the music industry? Do you have a savings to spend on your dreams? If so, now may be the perfect time to invest in it. Investing in a musical career is extremely expensive. Artists have to pay for many things such as beats, studio time, engineers, big artist features and so much more. The pandemic has lowered the cost of almost everything in the music industry right now. Big named artists are advertising features at 50% off. Beats are being sold by some producers at 70% off. Recording sessions are a fraction of the original price. This gives new artists the unique opportuniy to get everything they need at extremely reasonable prices. The money is not the only opportunity either. The amount of time big names in the music industry are spending on social media is epic along with potential fans. This also means the new artist has more potential to be noticed. Upcoming artists also have more time on their hands as they stay home. This gives them the time they need to really focus on building their career. When you put all these factors together, the pandemic is creating an amazing opportunity. If you are an artist who already had a stash of money to put toward your career, then now is the time for you. When the world begins to reopen and things slowly go back to normal, you will be all set and you will have invested a fraction of the money you had originally planned.

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Dahlia Koca

The author Dahlia Koca

Dahlia Koca is an artist of many talents. She is a model, radio host, journalist, author, business owner and mommy.

Dahlia started modeling in 2008 when she won the crown of Miss Colorado. She then became a published model in serval magazines including Playboys Miss Social. She is currently working as a Fleet Dj Model. She does runways and is also a Video Vixen who goes by the name “Lovely the Vixen”.

Dahlia attended Dj school in Negril Jamiaca which later led to her hosting her own radio shows entitled “Gritt House” and “Lit Tea Drip” which air on several different radio shows.

Dahlia became a publish magazine writer at the age of 10 and has been writing ever since. She is currently a hip hop journalist of the column “Gritt House” on Straight Official Mag, the writer of the “Lit Tea Drip” Blog and is also the writer of “10 Min Move” in Krush Magazine. Dahlia was promoted to executive director of Krush Magazine last year.

Business Owner
Dahlia is a business owner of the Koca Promotional Corp. which promotes major artists as well as upcoming artists in the hip hop industry.

Dahlia is also a mommy who lives in the countryside on the outskirts of Denver Colorado. She is a widow who enjoys raising her children and spoiling her cat. Her children and her have a love for traveling the world to find new hiking trails. They call themselves “The Wonderlust Family”

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