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Lately I been having discussions with different types of people on many platforms. We touched on certain topics & of course sex & relationships were the most talked about. When you’re on a platform with adults, male & female between the ages of 28-55; you’re not sure which direction the conversation would head towards.

Depending on their personalities, the discussions could be interesting, entertaining, therapeutic or can get heated. Overall I would have to say, all went pretty good. I was pleased to see so many open up about  past as well as current situations. Many out here don’t have “Go-To’s” to express themselves so I could tell they were happy to be apart of a group discussion to talk, release & possibly get something positive out of it.

People, continue to find your voice, find the right people to talk to so you can heal and possibly help someone else with your experiences. At the same time, be respectful when others are sharing. You may not agree which is OK but you have to respect other people’s opinions, experiences & perspectives. We all are individuals on different journey’s, so every story will never be the same only similar at times. Speak up, many are listening.

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