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Recently I was having a conversation with a music colleague of mines about dating & our favorite spots to go to. I told him about a few places I would suggest guys to bring me to if we were to hang out like a frozen yogurt spot and a walk on the river walk. In the midst of our conversation, it dawned on me that even though I use to suggest going to the same spots with many guys, some of the them would take me places or would have the same duplicated dates with other females themselves.

Social media is a gift & a curse. If you don’t know how to maneuver though it, there could be trouble. I’m not bothered by what I witnessed but it definitely made me shake my head. I found out that a guy took me to see his favorite movie but took anther female, the week before. How did I know this? She tagged him in it and it randomly popped up on my news feed. Busted mister! One time a guy was bragging about his food, made me a plate then about a week or so later, a female tagged him in a post about his cooking and it was the exact same meal.

I’m sure this happens quite often but to see it play out in real life is comical. It’s a good thing I wasn’t into these men like that because we would have  had a problem. Date multiple people, have your fun, but also be a little more discreet. The other parties are quick to tag you so be ready for what’s to come next.

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