6ix9ine broke the internet when he went live last night (June 11th) to expose the rap game. He claims the rap game is full of liers and snitches.  He starts off the live saying he is being black balled by the music industry. This is a tactic they use in order to keep an artist from doing well or giving them radio play. He explains that even though he is currently being black balled he is still the hottest artist out. As he claims this it is clear to see he has 800,000 people watching his life. Which is a amazing number.

He then starts to expose the rap game. He starts with Meek Mill exposing his executive at Rock Nation “Desere Prez” as a snitch. She is said to of been a witness for the DEA in the 90’s and wore a wire in order to expose cartel drug dealers.  Meek Mill deals with her everyday and not only does he say Meek Mill associates with her but exposes pictures of Jay Z with her also.  He says they claim they won’t deal with him because he is a rat. Yet their executive is a rat.

6ix9nine’s live was on just hours before his new single “Trolls” ft. Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill had dated several years ago when they first got in the rap game. 6ix9ine is quick to let everyone know that Meek Mill wouldn’t be anything without Nicki Minaj. He reminds his fans that she is the one that put him on tour with her.

Along with exposing Meek Mill he  also made stabs at Future for not taking care of his children. He also said Hndrxx and Meek Mill have to “Suck Drakes D**k in order to get features and stay relevant. Claiming that they are unable to make major numbers on their own. It is clear that 6ix9ine is not hold back in anyway. As XXL Magazine covered this story he was quick to put them in check over their headline. The headline stated that “6ix9ine attempted to expose the rap game”. He replied ” No attempts “I DID” look at the facts.

Watch His Live Video Here:

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