SO: What is your stage name ? Where you from and what got you into the entertainment business IATW: I go by “IAMTHEWOLF” I was born in Palo Alto CA but I was raised my whole life in Oakland CA. I first got hooked on the music when I was 12. It all started when I was rapping for church. Been at it ever since


SO: Who and/or what inspired you to create ?                                                                                                    IATW: my life experiences I feel inspire a lot of what I talk about, also my kids. My outlook on life as well, feeling the Need to talk about things or just get shit off my chest


SO: How would you describe your sound ?                                                                                                    IATW:I would describe my sound as fun, versatile, & passionate.

SO: What is your creative process like ?
IATW: for me it all depends what kinda song/ mood I’m in at the moment. But for the most part I’d say I have a lot of fun creating but it’s also a very intimate process. It’s definitely unique I’d say.


SO: What artists would you like to collaborate with ?
IATW:Jesus, where do I begin. I know for a FACT russ and I would make a banger. But also ( in no particular order) j Cole, Kendrick, post malone, 6lack, Khalid, Ali Gatie, Joey bada$$, Joyner Lucas, token, lil baby and many many many more.


SO: If you could open a show for any artist who would it be ?
IATW: Id definitely have to say russ. Just because I witnessed the mans come up literally and a lot of what he talks about and how he moves I relate to. Plus his fan base I think would appreciate my music as well. But he’s just a GOAT. Shit will be legendary.


SO: What is one message you would give to your supporters ?
IATW: man, those are my people. They’ve stuck with me through a lot. Moments of inactivity and moments where I felt like I was touching the sky. They don’t owe me anything yet they always stay 10 toes down. I love my supporters, or how I call em my FANmily ! if I’m a form of inspiration to them, then my job is already in motion. Real ones !

SO: What is the most useless talent you have ?
IATW: breathing…… lol jk mmm well I can do that water drop noise with my cheek. Pretty useless. Unless, of course, if I’m in a movie theater and the scene is super quiet haha

SO: What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music ?
IATW: I’ve always been and outdoorsy person and always had a passion for animals. So I’d definitely think I’d be going down the wildlife biologist route haha take care and live with a wolf pack, ya know, study them. #stillgonnadothat


SO: Who are some artists you admire and why ?
IATW: Don’t want to come of as a fan girl but when I tell you russ is a big inspiration of mine, I truly mean it. I still don’t know why the man receives so much hate but besides the point, I really look up to him because he put in the grind. Years and years on end to Be where he’s at now, on his own. Independent, literally independent. He always kept it real and humble. His mentality and points of views also resonate with me. He’s just an over all genuine guy.


SO: What is the best advice you’ve been given ?
IATW: short and sweet “focus is understanding what you need to ignore” shit hit me like a train haha


SO: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be ?
IATW: I would love to see actual talent given a lot more chances. I’m not downplaying or discrediting any artists out rn. But I feel real talent shouldn’t be so hard to come across in the music industry, many times I feel like they go with what’s more marketable and it is a business so I understand that side of it. Nonetheless, i said what I said.


SO: Whats next for you, where do you see yourself in the next year ?
IATW: I definitely see myself making some kind of profit off my music and opening shows for some pretty important names in the industry within the next year. Just gotta keep grinding.


SO: What is your social media ? How can people get in contact with you
IATW: my Instagram is “iamthewolf7” people can reach me on there. Super active and post a lot of content. I also check my email regularly

#GETSOM @djjayerica #Iamthewolf

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