[Stand Up Special] Dave Chappelle : “Who Are You Talking To?”

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On Thursday evening Dave Chappelle surprised the world with a YouTube special.

The legendary comedian known for addressing the home grown plague of systematic racism and white privilege that has and continues to eat away at the black community.

Chappelle titled his special 8:46, the amount of time an officer forced his knee into the neck of handcuffed George Floyd, resulting in his senseless and tragic death.

“What are you signifying that you can kneel on a man’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds and feel like you wouldn’t get the wrath of God?”

Rather than use his 27 minute special to talk to the enraged, Chappelle spoke for them. 

He revisited multiple killings of black men at the hands of their local police departments and linked the subsequent murders of law enforcement officers at the hand of black men who formally served in the military. 

“Because they believed, just like they did when they were joining the f******* military, that they were fighting acts of terror.” 

An effort to explain to people who believe that the rage of the African American community is not warranted and more importantly a warning of whats to come if the genocide of African Americans continues. 

“This is the last stronghold of civil discourse after this, it’s just rat-a-tat-tat.”

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