Mega Ace
Calling him a BOSS is an understatement. Mega Ace is a LEGEND in the making. Interviewing him gave me LIFE! His music is good but his story is even better. Listening to him rap and sing his pain through his music bringing that realness to how he helps his community just to turn around and continue to build an empire warms my heart. He never allowed his up bringing to control where his life was going to take him. Mega remains humble and always willing to help the next, feed the needy, mentor the youth yet takes time out of his busy schedule to check on his people while still being an incredible artist. He is a boss, he is a king, he is absolutely incredible so you need to get familiar!
Mega Ace
Top $helf Mega Ace is a hip hop /r&b artist from Raleigh,NC with a passion for writing music based off past and present experiences,his unique style attracts fans into his world from his point of view reaching people of all different walks of life so stay tuned get ready as he makes his presence known in the hip hop and r&b world. Currently Mega has a few projects out and pushing singles such as Pain & Shine so make sure you go and stream him music, email him for bookings, keep up with him on all social media platforms, & check out his website! Check out the EXCLUSIVE interview with Mega down below. @WhoIsMegaAce


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