Heavy Hitta Thursday : Illy Octane

From the back roads of Indiana emerged hip-hop up and comer Illy Octane. 

In addition to his two solo albums, Humble vs Arrogance and I’ont Live Like Ya’ll, Illy has produced nine projects, including 2020 release 4 Eva Rich Vol.1 , under his label Rich Harvest Entertainment. 

Often compared to 90’s label No Limit, RHE is making a lot of noise and has, understandably, started to catch the industry’s attention.  Looking to drop at least four more debut projects before the end of the year RHE will  be taking over your sound waves in no time.

While Illy is in full CEO and Executive Producer mode, I would bet money he will be blessing us with a new project in the new year.

Make sure ya’ll go check out the links below because he has hits for days!

As always remember where you heard it first and be sure to check back for my next pick for Heavy Hitta Thursday.






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