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Recording artist Mellahnix has a subtitle “Mr. Sp8ce Rap” and  that’s the exact vibe I felt when listening to his music. I’ve had the opportunity of listening to his newest EP “Either Love Me or Leave Me” & here’s my review. I noticed his songs are the newest average length. If you’ve been paying attention to music today especially in the hip hop r&b genres, you notice many songs are now between 2:30-3:30 mins long.  Society’s attention span has changed but marketing wise, it’ll work in his favor because that length is trending. After listening to his EP, I have to give him props because you can tell he stays true to himself, he stays in his lane & gives you nothing but originality.

First track had a familiar sample that drew me in immediately. It was an old school New Edition vibe with a revamped feel; almost poetic like. The 2nd track had a bop to it. I can see the crowd chanting the hook Ac Capella style at a show. I can even visualize a band beyond him rocking out to it. As stated earlier, he is Mr. Space Rap and you can truly hear that in track number 3. Let’s not stop there because when you get into the next track, you’ll feel as if you were watching a dramatic movie, from the beat to the ad libs. All I can say is grab your popcorn. Mellahnix brings it home with track 5. In my opinion it was a rap song but more on the poetic side but it works for him.

All I can say is, congratulations on the new project. His music is different, unique and may not be for everyone but that’s OK. As an artist you have to stay true to who you are, your lane and your fans will gravitate to you. If you’re ready to open your ears to something new and different, I encourage you to take a listen to Mellahnix‘s new project “Either Love Me or Leave Me” which is available on all major streaming platforms and please follow him on IG @mellahnix777. 

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