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There’s a lot of things in life that we may disagree on but when it comes to music I’m pretty sure we agree that it has a major effect on us. I’m not talking about listening to songs speaking about shooting and killing & then we go out and reenact the lyrics in real life but more on the lines of music affecting our energy.

When listening to certain songs we tend to connect to the lyrics because many of us may have gone through or gone through what the artist is speaking about. So when we turn on certain songs, we do it because that’s what we’re feeling at that time. If someone is going through a break up or found new love, I’m sure their music selections in those particular moments are different. When you want to wine down for the day or turn up for the night, you tend to play a certain type of playlist.

Recently, it hasn’t been the music that I’ve been connecting to; it’s more of certain lyric phrases that’s been descriptions of how I’ve been feeling. For example, Kendrick Lamar ” Please don’t kill my vibe” & Lil Duval ” Living my best life, I ain’t going back & forth with you people!” These two lines in particular have been ringing in my head every time I’m in an intense conversation with certain people. Pretty much saying, “look, I don’t have time for your negative energy. I’m good over here to go elsewhere with all of that!” Now my QUESTion for you is, what songs and or lyrics have  you been connecting to lately? Please don’t be shy and comment below.

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