Angelo Mafia aka  Los Angelo Mafia , A-M, aMg, Angelo Mafia Gang, Tha Angelz, Tha Angelos, World Class Angelo Mafia, w/c aMg, World Class Angelo Mafia Gang,
World Class, A.N.G.E.L.O M.A.F.I.A which is a Acronym Meaning A,New,Generation,Evolving, Legitimately,Off,Making,A,Foundation,In.Advance. and also is a Organization founded by brothers Snoopy Badazz and 9valentine on July 4th 2019 in Compton Ca. Members are known to wear the colors Red and Royal Blue (At Once) to show affiliation to the gang. They are rivals to several other street gangs, such as Holly Hood Piru (Compton), Sex Cash(Moreno Valley)and There Allies,and several other street gangs.

The (Los) Angelo Mafia Is a Street Gang that is Not apart of the Crip or  Blood Organizations,  and is and always will be  an independent street Gang, All “Angelo Mafia” Members Are Not From Los Angeles There are Different Fractions/Chapters Across The U.S.A That All Takes Orders From Home Base (The L.A Chapter of the Angelo Mafia Led By Snoopy Badazz)


The Founder oF (Los) Angelo Mafia. Melvin “Snoopy Badazz” Banks Was Once a Member Of the HollyHood Pirus in Good Standing And was a Reputable For the Gang Threw Out the Prison System and On The Hip Hop Scene,At One Point Snoopy Badazz Engaged in a Online Beef with Manager Of Rap Artist “The Game” “Wack 100”Because threw Text  Snoopy Called The Westside Pirus Some “Crips With Red Rags” and “Wack 100” Took the Text Message and Posted it to his Instagram Account  With Over 200K people Following Him some of them being The West Side Pirus..Once They Seen This They Called Around Compton And Orderd Snoopy Badazz To Pull up for A “D-P” (To Be Disciplined) Snoopy Was There At WSP Headquarters (Enterprise Park in Compton Ca.) In Less Then 24hrs ..Snoopy Ran 4 Fades Back to Back With 4 of the WSP main Fighters ….The End Of the Last Fight Was Recorded (When Snoopy Was Out Of Breath and Tired) By WSP members to make Snoopy Badazz Look Weak..Snoopy Felt Betrayed Because Not Only Did he feel like Wack 100 Should have to catch A fade (Fight) With The WSP’s for him Posting Piru Business He also Felt Like the WSP’s Shouldn’t Have Recorded The Fight For The Internet.He also Felt like His Homies From HHP was suppose to pull up to Enterprise Park with him but they didn’t they sent him to Voicemail when he was on his way to the park to meet with members of WSP….instead of supporting his Him.. His Own Homies Got Jealous of His Status in Compton (Because Of the 4 fades) and His Growing Status on the Hip Hop Scene…and older
Members Of the HollyHood Pirus   And Older Rappers associated With HHP came together To Blackball Snoopy Badazz From The Neighborhood (Hollyhood Piru Territory)  ,They also Dissed Him in a Public Rap Video Titled “Pending Crip Charges” Claiming Snoopy Badazz was a Crip Before He was ever a Piru,Even though they claimed none of this before his Rap Career or before the 4 fades at Enterprise Park …And Even today No Pictures of Snoopy Badazz as a Crip Has still Not Surfaced ..The Public Deemed the Accusations As Rumors Because Nothing Has Been Proved,,By This Time Snoopy Badazz Felt Betrayed and wanted nothing to Do with the HollyHood Piru Gang On No Level He deemed them as Snakes and Backstabbers and felt like he was the Opposite..And he also felt the same about the WSP’s For Recording The 4th Fight at the end and posting it on the Internet…He say He Realized  at the moment “PIRU LOVE” Does Not Exist and Severed Ties With The Pirus altogether…

On July 4th 2019 Snoopy Badazz Teamed up with his Brother “9valentine” To create “Angelo Mafia Org. A independent Organization With No ties or Alliance to the Crips Or Bloods, He wanted to create a  Gang That Members Was Treatly Fairly Reguardless of who your Related to or how long you know a person  ..He adopted The Whats Right is Right and Whats Wrong is Wrong” philosophy As a (AM) Model..The Colors Red and Royal Blue was Adopted for the Gang Colors To Show “Unity” Snoopy Said He want to show the Bloods and Crips what they a look like if they where one and not Divided and He says Wearing both colors at the same time also Represents Rebellion ….He said looking at the Red and Blue fireworks in the night sky on 7/4/19 also influenced the idea And with it being Indepedence day…He said Angelo Mafia Will celebrate Independence Day Because They Will Be a Independent Gang That don’t answer to nobody but Angelo Mafia

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