The incline in America’s divorce rate has been growing massively each year since the 70’s. In 1970 the divorce rate was 3.5% and today the divorce rate stands at an amazing 39%. The divorce rate is not the only thing on an incline. The percentage of people not wanting to ever marry is at staggering 37%. Society as a whole has shifted from traditional marriage and relationships. Hip hop is a good reflection of this. Hip hop has always been known to glamorize being single, being wealthy, having many sexual partners, cheating and simply down playing love. Justin Bieber’s newest music video “Holy” which features Chance the Rapper is a unique visual that breathes a new energy to hip hop.  The refreshing and positive visual even puts an emphasis on God which is rare to find in hip hop these days.

Justin Bieber uploaded the visual “Holy” in September. The song was produced by Jorgen Odegard, Jon Bellion and the video was Directed by Colin Tilley. Tilly worked with Bieber 10 years prior on his video “Never Let You Go”. When Tilly heard the song he was instantly interested and wanted to know more about the song. When Tilly asked Bieber what the song meant to him, he replied  “I could be having the worst day in the world but what kept me going was the love I had with my wife which is the meaning behind “Holy”. He also wanted it to hit people on a real level. Before the covid pandemic the world was overwhelmed by the fast life, always busy with careers and being on the run. People had lost sight of what was really important in life. Covid caused many people to lose their jobs and people were forced to step back, rethink what life truly means and what is important to us. “Love is what is getting us through these difficult times.” Bieber says. He also stated “The idea of strangers helping each other can change the outcome of everything. That’s the light at the end of the tunnel. The visual was shot as a movie with actual scripted scenes to make it feel authentic with a clear message. It artfully shows the strength in love and sings god back into hip hop. This may just be the start of a new trend.


Written by @dahlia_koca


Dahlia Koca

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