TampaMystic talks with with Mr Freeport

[box_dark]1. What’s going on? For those who may not know you, please introduce yourself and tell us where
you’re from? [/box_dark]What’s good? It’s Your Boy Mr. Freeport and please don’t forget the Mr. I’m representing
Miami and Bahamas. I’m Bahamian and Haitian so I represent for both sides well.

[box_dark]2. When/How did u start rapping and who inspired you?[/box_dark] I started rapping two years ago because I
wasn’t satisfied with the music I was hearing and wanted to make some music that I could listen to. My
son is my biggest motivation I want to provide him with the best lifestyle imaginable as well as show him
dreams can’t be achieved if you work hard enough. By me accomplishing he will have a real role model
that is living proof of it rather than just speaking a clichéd line.

[box_dark]3. Who is some artist you would like to work with? [/box_dark]Gucci Mane, Ice Cube, Wiz Khalifa and many others.
Just any artist that I used to listen to coming up as a Jit.

[box_dark]4. What’s been your most memorable moment in your music career? [/box_dark]Performing at King of Diamonds
was pretty major, had me feeling like a superstar up there.

[box_dark]5. What projects are you currently working on? [/box_dark]I’m not really on the mix tape thing; i’m more about
pushing singles so that’s my focus, just dropping single after single. I will be shooting the video for my 1 st
single “Whipping and Swerving” Feat. Brisco this summer.

[box_dark]6. Besides music, what else can we find you doing? [/box_dark]Like everybody else working and grinding. I’m
currently in paramedic school finishing up my first dream of being a fire fighter. Hopefully god willing my
single pops off and I won’t need to worry about that career.

[box_dark]7. In the coming months, what can we expect from you? [/box_dark]You can expect some bangers being released,
my video as well as the premiere of a TV show I will be co-hosting with J.T money call Videos Xposed.
Stay tuned for it.

[box_dark]8. Tell everyone where they can find you? [/box_dark]You can find me on all social networking sites.
mrfreeport,, and, if
you want to email me hit me up at

[box_dark]9. What would you like to state to those who have supported you throughout your life and within your
music career? Any Shout Outs?[/box_dark] I would like to say thanks to all of my fans because without them there
would be no me. My family who prays for me each and every day to live a fulfilling life and be able to
achieve my dreams.

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