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Samual Christian also known as Sam Chris is American singer, songwriter and composer. He’s worked with the likes of OutKast, Big Boi, Too Short, Bun B, Earth Wind and Fire, Busta Rymes, The Game and Nappy Roots to name a few. His smooth husky voice has been featured in some of the greatest hits on charts such as”I can’t wait” “Hey love” “No competition” and “Lax files”. He’s been on the scene musically for a long time working both in front of and behind the scenes. 

Most recently Straight Official has the opportunity to speak to Sam Chris. The conversation went something like this

SO: Hello Mr Sam Chris! Thank you for sitting down with us and allowing us to speak with you! Now you’re a phenomenal singer, songwriter and producer amongst so many other things. How did you get your start in the world of music?

SC: Derik Nichols, offered me a contract to sing background for JOE the R&B singer. I had just graduated high school, I came home and left for tour the same day.

SO: So tell us about Ticket booth?

SC: I met Scotty through Brian Austin Green, and Shane Mooney. We’ve been brothers since the late 90’s. When Scotty started producing, he played it for me, and it was DOPE!! So he said we should start a production, and I replied, “we already are homie”.  Then, “The Ticket Booth” was born.

SO: Has the pandemic had an effect on you musically? Have you had the opportunity to create more music or have you taken time for yourself to just rest?

SC:  The pandemic changed everything, but I still work on my music regardless, it just really slowed down my traveling. 

SO-  what is your contact information so the readers can contact you directly? 

SC-You can always reach me at. 

Twitter @I_Am_SamChris

Instagram @i_am_samchris



SO: we thank you Sam for taking timeout of your busy schedule to speak with us. Do you have any parting words, shout outs etc? 

SC: Nuff respect to First Classe, for taking the time out of her busy schedule, to interview us. To everyone else, thank you for listening, and stay Blessable my people!


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