G Supreme

G Supreme owner of Preme Studio is a real New Yorker bringing you that real New York sound. He stays true to himself  and you can hear it all through his music. Rapping since 12 years old, what you hear from G  is hip hop/rap in it’s true sounding/content form. Once signed with BDP, called back to audition 3 times by Jam Master Jay, and have worked with MC Shan, and other MC’s. There will be no sellout hear and no degrading/term of endearment fake outs. “I Breath Hip Hop, I believe Hip Hop….If it’s hurt I’ll grieve and relieve Hip Hop…” G-Supreme.

During The T-Quest Show we discussed his new single titled Dun Dun featuring Reggae Artist Herbseed. Bringing you that old school Brooklyn Reggae sound to the track which opens the market up for new ears from both spectrums and then some when it comes to music. Pay attention to the words and how well these two artists come together to make such a hit for the people.


I consider G Supreme a seasoned lyricist. Growing up in New York where hip hop was created definitely  has worked in his favor. He continues to bring real music, real hip hop and knowledge, musically as well in conversation. G Supreme is not only here creating music but forever dropping gems for the people. A man filled with not only talent but wisdom as well.

You can have one conservation with him  and learn so much. G Supreme has a great personality where you can laugh, talk about life, love, relationships and no matter what he will forever keep it real with you.  A talented individual you’ll be foolish not to follow. Listen to us chopping it up & make sure you follow him on all social media @thegsupreme, stream his music & for bookings email



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