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Many years ago, I came across a  blonde bombshell who took over the modeling scene. She was petite with a ginormous work ethic! Tori hosted every mixtape that came out as well as every elite party in Atlanta. Time came to pass and she had her own show. One thing for sure, her shoots were always phenomenal.

We first met in Atlanta, at the fleet djs conference. We literally bumped into each other in the mall and that is where we introduced ourselves. She has always been very kind and definitely encourages and uplifts everyone she encounters.
Not to mention, Ms. Tori Gr8ce is a mommy that owns her own company called “Comfort handmade”. Check out the website below.
ToriGr8ce returned to be a Fleetmodel after a short hiatus;  I  couldn’t wait to sit down and interview her.
S/O– Being a model, I know it’s tough in the industry. How do you set yourself apart from others?
TORI-I set myself apart by being me. I know totally cliche’ but I’m short, curvy and a unique. They work for me. I also host so that helps as well. The two go hand in hand for me, plus I have a funky little style.
S/O– How long have you been a model, and how did you get your break?
TORI-I’ve been modeling for off and on for 9 years. I took a break 6 years ago to have a little person and just now getting back into things. I honestly started modeling at 19 and never really though much about it as a career until after I had my oldest. Then came the break smack dab in the middle of the height of my career.
S/O–  thinking of your modeling, what’s the most different experience that stands out to you?  For example it could be a shoot that went right or absolutely wrong, wardrobe malfunction with one thing stands out in your mind?
TORI-Once I had a shoot with my hair stylist and complete grabbed the wrong too. I had a whole sleep shirt on. I’m glad she’s bomb with the hair because I total screwed that up. I don’t think I ever told her that.
I’ve had tons of fun shoots though. I’ve shot with several amazing photographers as well as had some fun at independent artist shoots.
S/O- how has the pandemic affected your modeling?
TORI-WHEEW! For me it’s given me a chance to really work out. Literally work out. I’ve been working on maintaining my shape and figure. I’ve also worked on submissions for upcoming projects and rebranding. It has kept me inside but that just means find another way. I’m currently working on ToriGr8ce exclusive products. I have done 2 more shoots and about to release those images as well.
S/O– do you have any advice for anyone who wants to enter into the modeling world?
TORI-It’s work! It’s not just show up and be cute. You have to brand yourself like you would for an artist. You need to have a portfolio and get busy. There are tons of beautiful women out there and you have to set yourself apart.
S/O– please provide the readers with your social media links for contacting you.
TORI– IG: @iamtorigr8ce
Twitter: @torigr8ce
Snap: @torigr8ce
Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. Make sure you go and follow Ms. Tori Gr8ce now!
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