Here’s to the end of 2020. This year was filled with many ups and downs. Its undeniable that we all have encountered something that we have never experienced before; Covid 19.

This pandemic was far worse than anything I could have ever imagined. It totally shook up how we would operate in our day to day lives. Masks are now essential pieces of clothing and if you weren’t a germaphobe before this hit, I bet you are now.

Its easy to focus on the bad this year has been, however allow us to take a stroll down the year and reflect on some good things. Most people work from home, That is an introverts dream! Many parents had to take part in home schooling. Now that may not have been the best thing for some parents(in there eyes)but it allowed them to not stress out over sending there little ones off into this uncertain world with the pandemic, so that was a great thing.

Virtual concerts are now popping! The most memorable to me was the VERSUS  virtual concert; Jezzy vs Gucci and Monica Vs Brandy. We now have front row seats via our computers, laptops, cell phones and tablets to view a part of history. That is super dope!

A lot of people became entrepreneurs. Lack of employment or simply having extra time on your hands has allowed some people to turn their dreams into a reality.

Books have been written and read. People have decluttered their homes, participated in fixing them up and loading all of the diys to apps like tik tok and Instagram. Not to mention all of the dances that were created to display on such apps. Everyone old and young looked forward to displaying there talents (or lack thereof) on tik tok. The most funny or creative would surely go viral. Now, how neat was that? Grandma is viral now lol.

Families got to spend time together and just bond. In this day and age we all have gotten so accustomed to moving and shaking that it took something like this to make us stop, relax and be at peace.

So out with the old and in with the new. Here’s to 2020, I am glad to have seen this year in its entirety and I certainly look forward to what’s to come for 2021. Cheers!


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