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A few years back when I went to the Fleet Dj’s Music Conference held in Charlotte NC, I met a model by the name of Crissy J. A Fleet dj approached me saying he feels Crissy J is a great model and suggested that I speak to her about becoming a Fleet Model. 

We spoke briefly and I invited her to come in be a part of the fleet model photoshoot. Even though she couldn’t attend we were in touch a month or so later. My first impression was she was just genuinely kind! That is hard to meet in this industry. No air of conceit and she was very humble and personable. I admire her work ethic. She is a business owner, mother and a all around Boss! With her cup very full, she still finds time to help assist me with the Fleet model organization. I couldn’t wait to sit her down for an interview.




SO-  Hey there Crissy J, thanks for speaking with us. Now tell us, how  long have you been a model?

I’ve been modeling for about 3 years now. 

SO – Ok, that’s dope! Now enlighten us with a fun fact that only those close to you would know? 

 One fun fact that is not widely known is that I ride motorcycles! 

SO-  I would have never guessed that! So moving on to the current events of this season; how has the pandemic affected your modeling? 

It did affect me at first, because it created an inability to shoot with photographers. As time passed I ended up making it happen! 

SO- Awesome! Now we know that being a business owner is tough. How hard is it for you to juggle modeling and  running the business? How do you stay on point with everything so well? 

It is very hard. Running a business requires no days off so sleep doesn’t exist lol.  Also, what is time? You have none😭You just find a way to make things happen.


SO- Now Crissy, do you have any advice for anyone who wants to enter into the modeling world?

 Yes, the advice I can give would be to be consistent. Always have new pics & a variety of looks. It’s also great to be sociable. 


SO That’s great advice! Now, please provide the readers with your social media links so they can stay connected with you. 

Sure! My links are as follows

IG: @itsmecrissyj

FB: CrissyJ

Twitter: @hey_its_crissyj

Grab Crissy J's Calendar here

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