Straight Official Sits Down With P-Butta


1.What is your Name? where you’re from and what first got you interested in the entertainment industry?

My name is P-Butta. I was born in Chicago heights and raised in Bloomington, Illinois. I was first interested in the industry when I noticed I had a knack for showmanship. I didn’t have stage fright and when I seen that it didn’t matter how you look, your size or anything in that nature. It simply came down to if you can make good music. 

 2. Who and/or what inspires you to create? 

 Jay Z, Kanye West and J.Cole are my main inspirations. Others inspirations outside of people are when I first hear a sound that gets me in my element. Or when something positive in my life happens it causes me to write or create. That does it for me the most. 

 3. How would you describe your sound? 

 I feel my sound is hip hop with a new age sound. A lot of melodic tones and lyricism. Those things fuel me the most. 

 4. What is your creative process like? 

 My creative process varies. I can start writing a song then not finish it and come back to it another day and it can spark something different. Or I can be influenced enough to work on the entire song it that moment. It depends on the mood that I’m in. 

 5. What artist(s) would you like to collaborate with? 

 I would to collaborate with J. Cole, Dizzy Wright, Wiz Khalifa, T-pain just to name a few. 

 6. What is one message you would give to your supporters? 

 Be true to yourself at all times. It shows in your music and that will keep your real fans close to you. 

7. What is the most talent/skill you have that most people don’t know about? 

 I am a visual learner. I can watch something once and then reenact it the same way I see it done. Things like that intrigue me. 

 8. What would you be doing right now, if you weren’t doing music? 

 I would probably be a therapist or an account. I’ve always been a people person and I enjoy crunching numbers. 

 9. Who are some artists/people you admire and why? 

 I admire am people  like Diddy, Russ, Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar and others.

 10. What is the best advice you’ve been given? 

 Don’t quit. Move at your own pace but don’t give up on something that you know is true to yourself. 

 11. If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be? 

 I would change the fact that it would go back to the music. Let the music speak to the people and let them determine what real music is. I feel true artistry has lost its value in a sense. 

 12. What’s next for you, where would you like to see yourself in the next year? 

 More music! I see myself as well as my Animal Houze team putting out more content throughout the year. Gaining a true following based off of the music we release. Let the the music speak for itself. 

 13. What is your social media? How can people get in contact with you? 

My social media is @Butta2daP on all platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  

Thank you so much for your time you will be notified when your feature is released.  

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