The battle finally went down, and all i gotta say is Ashanti came with it baby. Ashanti was on time warming up the crowd , while Keyshia was an hour late. I think it was a whole set up , but overall it was another overall win for the culture.

This meet up has been anticipated for a minute and after three times it happen; it’s only to be excepted that over a million people where tapped in. I would have to say to pick a winner, I’ll go with Ashanti. She was on time, looking cute, came to play, and her song order was lit. Now on the other hand Keyshia Cole. I love Keyshia but thing that got her was her song order. I feel like if they would flipped her song order around it would have been a fair match up. It was the hits vs vibe songs, and Ashanti killed it with that.

Of course highlights were OT Genesis cameo, the low key shade, the sound issue. Listen Swiss and Timberland; since we are back doing the verzus separate keep it simple to the studio , so u know the sound would be good. Both debut hot new r&b singles.

Now the question is who is next?????

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