OG HOODRICH has a long list of success in his career, after all he was destined to be great from the day he was born. His amazing story started out in New Orleans where he was born. His father is Edgar “Big Boy Mike” who started his musical career in 1950. He was a saxophonist and vocalist in the musical group Sha-weez. When OG HOODRICH’S mother (a white woman) gave birth to him, people wanted to lynch his father and kill him when they realized she was not having a fully white baby. His birth certificate even indicated he is a white male. In order to save their family, OG HOODRICH’S father made a hard choice and gave up his musical career to save his family. They fled from the south and moved to New York. This move proved to be a very big asset to OG HOODRICH’s later career. He was able to grow up in New York during the birth of Hip Hop and this gave him the opportunity to help shape it.

Some of his first big accomplishments were achieved before he even graduated high school. One of these accomplishments included touring with Soul Sonic Force. They had the number one record called Planet Rock at that time. He toured all over the country and they even did a record with James Brown called “Unity”. After that Harry Belafonte invested for them to do the movie “Beat Street” which was a movie on the culture of hip hop. It featured break dancing, djs, and rapping. The movie came out during the election of president Regan and this gave OG HOODRICH’s dancers the chance to dance for President Regan at the White House. The movie also gave him the chance to network and build relationships in the industry with celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Mr. T, Michael Jackson and many more. After “Beat Street” he had a television show called “Graffiti Rock” which focused more on hip hop and hosted upcoming talent. This was the beginning and a short list of a long successful carrier for OG HOODRICH.

After his movie “Beat Street” he moved back to the south where he continued to build his empire in Atlanta. He is currently the CEO of Hoodrich Films which has built over 800 websites, does major DJ email blasts, a podcast, radio station and shoots some of the biggest music videos in the industry today. His list of accomplishments in the industry are endless and he has worked to help build the carriers of many celebrities. He brings his knowledge and his elder OG skills to his business today for everyone to benefit off of.


Dahlia Koca

The author Dahlia Koca

Dahlia Koca is a member of the Fleet Dj Network. She is a journalist/Radio Host out of Denver Colorado. She began her career as a published writer at the young age of 10 in a multicultural magazine writing fictional stories . She is now part of the hip hop industry writing for several hip hop magazines. She also owns Gritt House Radio (A explicit hip hop radio station). She is also a Reiki Master owning of a wellness center in Denver Colorado giving celebrities and the general public Reiki.

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