Tik Tok is  going crazy today after Lil Nas X exposed 6ix9ine for sliding in his DM.  Dj Akademiks had posted an article on China making anal swabs mandatory for foreign travelers. 6ix9ine left a derogatory comment on the post that targeted Lil Nas X and his sexuality. Today Lil Nas X shot back by uploading a video of him dancing while showing the post from Akademiks and then revealing his DM which contained a message from 6ix9ine. The message was flirty and even contained a heart.


6ix9ine was quick to shoot back. Akademiks just uploaded a video of the artist showing his DM. He was quick to say he wants to prove this quick before it starts. He shows his Instagram to prove the message was from a fake account. 6ix9ine is known for trolling and Akademiks is usually always in the mix. It is hard to know if the situation was a real beef between the two or if it was a publicity stunt. We will see if anything else unfolds.




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