Big Sean recently sat down with wellness guru, Jay Shetty, for his On Puropse podcast. During this episode, the Detroit rapper talks about the powers of meditation and manifestation. He tells his story about meeting Kanye West as a teenager and how it was no coincidence. Instead, it was an idea that he had manifested for years and when the time came, he was prepared with the tools he needed.


Although Big Sean may have met Kanye West as a teenager, it was several years later before he would get his break into the mainstream music industry. During that time he experienced lows that led him to finally trust the advice of his mother, “what else do I have to lose?” says Sean. Big Sean’s mother would often provide motivational books for him to read. Exploring literature such as The Secret, would make a lasting impact on Sean’s outlook moving forward.

He focused on positive affirmations such as “I will” and “I am” instead of negative ones such as “I can’t.” In this interview, Big Sean mentions that “whatever you give to your God/Universe, They will give it right back to you. So if you say you ‘can’t’ do something, your God/Universe will assure that is the case.”


To manifest anything, you must reinforce the idea both internally and externally. Writing down your goal, taking steps towards it and literally speaking it into existence is the external part. Meditating so your subconscious reinforces the idea is the internal part. Big Sean covers a lot in this interview with Jay, but one reoccurring message he has is to meditate daily.

Meditation is something you can control, at any time. What do we stress about the most? Things we don’t have control over. Losing control of a situation is a very common cause for stress which can lead down a rabbit hole of mental and physical health problems.


Jay Shetty is a former Monk who would practice meditation 4-8 hours a day as an adult in his middle 20s. Big Sean is not suggesting we all become Monks and neither is Jay. 4-8 hours of meditation a day is intense and is practiced by those seeking the highest levels enlightenment. You will be surprised how your outlook will change with only 5-15 minutes of meditation a day.

Several mainstream artists such as the RZA, Jhene Aiko, and Above & Beyond have guided meditation available on major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and more. It’s so important to take control over your mental health in a time like this and it’s so easy to turn on some guided meditation to help give your energy purpose.


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