One,Two Grow On by Number One Sun cover image Hip-Hop album for kids
One, Two Grow On by Number One Sun

What is the last Hip-Hop album you played for your kids? As a parent, and lover of Hip-Hop, it is hard to find music that is “appropriate” in a family setting. With the new album One, Two Grow On, Number One Sun is up to the challenge. It’s Hip-Hop made for kids, but not just for kids. Funky beats, clever rhymes, and great storytelling will make this a hit with the whole family.

The first song sets the tone, asking “Whatcha Wanna Do? (Have Fun!).” Other songs like “I Think Big,” and “Curiosity,” promote messages of self-worth, social responsibility, and the value of asking questions. The storytelling in “Once Upon A Time…” is superb in delivery, yet simple in subject. Children can relate to it because the rhymes are geared towards their interests. His daughters also join in on several songs, including the hilarious “Pesky Penguins,” and the lovely, reggae-inspired “Let’s Go to the Beach.”

#1 Sun doesn’t forget about the adults in the room either. Listen close and catch references to artists like Run DMC, Slick Rick, 50 Cent and more. The “Tickle skit” is a laugh-out-loud homage to the infamous “Torture” skit on Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album. ODB said “Wu-Tang is for the Children,” but Number One Sun is for everyone with children.

Listen to One, Two Grow On on Spotify, AppleMusic, Amazon Music, or just go to the website  

Children’s books based on favorite songs are coming soon. Look out for The Alphabet Book, (based on “The Alphabet Song”) and “Starlight, Star Bright” illustrated by Number One Sun also!

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