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The Quest Chronicles: Someone Say SEX? : Recently I posted on social media that I was doing a new relationship show. There wasn’t much interaction on it. I went back to edit the post and stated that I was going to do a new SEX show and all of a sudden my post was trending. Likes & comments are still coming in. People are so predictable at times. The people have made it very clear to what they want. The QUESTion is, do they really want a sex show or curious to wonder what T-Quest has to say about sex? Would she talk about her own personal life?
Some people were disappointed in me for wanting to do a sex show and to be honest, I’m more disappointed in them. If I do a SEX show, it would be done tastefully. People should never assume the worst.  Whether we like it or not, SEX is a major topic that needs to talked about. Not for entertainment purposes but in general. There’s so many couples out there that’s secretly unsatisfied and my show may help. With that being said, make sure you continue to follow me for the updates so you can tune in, be educated yet entertained!
The Quest Chronicles: Someone Say SEX?
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