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Who has the money? Who’s on their grind? Better question; who’s trying to make moves to live a better turnt up life? That would be PDL Peso, a South Carolina native ready to take the world by storm. When I first interviewed PDL, he was very calm but I knew he had a lot of life in him. I can tell by his music videos but I guess he had to get used to me.

PDL Peso is an up and coming rapper who’s ready to rock the mic, blaze the stage and have music for the people. In his catalog are songs that tell his story, where he’s been, where he’s at and where he’s trying to go. New generation , new vibe, a lot of energy that you need to rock with. Make sure you all go check out the video to his single that’s out now which it titled “Axting Up”  This video has crazy numbers and is still rising daily. Be on the lookout for the next one on deck “Bread On Me (feat. Nongo Man)” as well.

PDL is working on a new project soon to come out amongst other business ventures on the rising. To keep up with PDL Peso make sure you follow him on social media @PDLPeso. If you are a Dj  looking for new heat, contact him and if you are a promoter looking for more talent to hit your stage, you make sure you hit him up as well. For booking/features

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