The T-Quest Show: C Payne Interview: Everything happens for a reason! When 2021 hit, I put in the atmosphere that I want to connect with new artists who are talented, professional as well as remind me why I do what I do and along came C Payne. When his label Lay It Down Records contacted me, it was a regular meeting but then I realized there was nothing regular about them. The meetings went smooth with their very professional team. They told C Payne he’ll be working with me & it was a wrap after that. He started to follow me on social media, repost my content and caught my attention.

As tastemakers of the industry we’re always preaching about connecting and building relationships; that’s exactly what he did. When it came down to interviewing him, it was fun, refreshing, all his fans tuned in and the hour flew by. He has a strong team behind him as well as an incredible story to tell. He’ll forever have my support and I encourage you all to support him as well.

C Payne is one of the hardest working young men out in the game right now! His hit single “Work For It” is streaming like crazy! Listen as they dig into his story, the process of creating his new single and upcoming projects as well as what’s to come. After watching his grind, his humbleness, the extreme support of his family, friends and label; I won’t be surprised if he becomes the next big artist. Check out his video “Work For It” below, stream his music and follow him on social media @cpayne.official


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