Born in Haiti and based in New York, Lil Haiti has been a part of the music industry since the age of five. His work includes singles dating back to 2015 such as “Good Vibe“, his albums The New Haiti (2017) and Trust the Process (2018), and his newest song “Where The Cap At” featuring Flipp Dinero

Lil Haiti’s music travels in time and tells stories of his life. In his new single, “Where The Cap At,” his lyrics, “If you talkin’ money, drop your Cash App,” refers to a time during the pandemic when he was providing financial support to his followers and fans via Instagram. He believes that music isn’t the only way he can help people, which is why he continues to work a 9-5 job on top of his music.

“I’m for the people. I’ll use my 9-5 money to feed whoever I need to feed and give back to the community. I want them to know that this is not from my label, this is from me.”

Lil Haiti

We even discussed his upcoming giveaway for single mothers that includes a day at the spa, a nice dinner, a meet-and-greet, and $300. “Whether you’re a nurse a teacher, any job, single moms need some time to themselves. Being a single parent is not easy and I wanted to give them a great time to have fun and relax.”

Lil Haiti has been helping others since he was a kid and will continue to do this for the rest of his life. His support doesn’t stop at the community but also includes other artists in the industry. One of his next career goals is to create his own label that will act as space for up-and-coming artists to gain the experience that they need to succeed. He believes in giving opportunities to young artists, especially those with similar backgrounds. 

“I feel like some people think that needing to work hard for so many years means you can’t help others in the process. But I think that knowing how hard it can be should give you even more reason to help others in similar situations. Give advice, make it easier for them. You don’t have to give the entire plan but at least help create the blueprint to start their own journey.”

Lil Haiti

With his years of experience, Lil Haiti has a few key strategies to succeed in music. He uses the analogy of building a house and says that much like a house, the music industry requires time, patience, and a strong foundation to make it to the top. 

“The music industry is not a fast cash, get-rich-quick scheme. Build a foundation so that when you have that one hit, you have nowhere to go but up because you already built something,” Lil Haiti explains. 

Lil Haiti is living proof that you can succeed in music and still stay true to yourself. He has a strong purpose to help his community while simultaneously living the life he wants. 

“I want to bring hope to others and show people that it’s possible to make it to the top by staying consistent, humble, and patient.”

Check out his new single “Where The Cap At” featuring Flipp Dinero and all of Lil Haiti’s music on Spotify and Apple Music! You can follow him on Instagram at @thereallilhaiti

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