T-Quest Music Review: Molly McCoy: “Drop It Low” by Molly McCoy just was released for the world to hear. The title alone is an attention grabber since dancing and twerking is dominating the hip hop culture more than ever right now. You have no choice but to dance! Once you press play, the beat will sound familiar but in a good way. Grammy nominated producer Dj Kyng Ray definitely did his thing when putting an original twist to this industry classic.

When using familiar beats, it gives an artist more visibility because people are already programmed to want to listen and like the song. Now, you can use an industry beat or produce an original track inspired by it but the lyrics have to be on point to keep people’s attention. Molly Mccoy did just that! When you’re riding the beat properly, people have no choice but to respect it.

In grown woman fashion Molly definitely didn’t hold back when rapping about who she is, what she got and what she’s all about. It was genius to have Tasha K, a familiar voice on the intro & outro especially with Tasha being an internet sensation with her show Unwine With Tasha K. Adding the proper feature or even the right slight adjustment can enhance a track.

I can see this song being the next big hit on tik tok as well as the newest hashtag challenge. Mallory McCoy is onto something with her new single “Drop it Low”. Make sure you go stream it and support all her music as well as the ones to come. Follow her on social media @mollymccoy_


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