Elysani “La Dulce Melodía”, a unique & young artist, arrives with her unique voice with an impressive remake cover song, “Killing Me Softly”.

The new version of the coveted musical piece “Killing Me Softly” by Elysanij, shows the maturity and versatility in her voice that makes her unique and that will allow her to reach a diversity of audiences both in terms of age and preference of musical genres.

According to Elysanij, this song will be kept alive for generations, Who has not suffered for love ?

It is a classic, elegant, simple musical theme with hip-hop rhythms, which, thanks to the arrangements made by the composer, producer and keyboardist, Eddie Montilla, includes urban fusions which provide more strength and richness to the sound.

“Since my management team introduced me to the theme of“ Killing Me Softly ”it captivated me.

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