James Dece: An Artist and DJ with an unconditional passion for Electronic Music

The Los Angeles Artist and Musician has created music in various genres, but his best and most acclaimed works remained in electronic bass. James Dece is a rising name in music that produces great songs and has impeccable taste in music. His passion lies in electronic music, but it doesn’t limit him from trying out various other genres like Bass Music, Dubstep, Electro House, Trap, UK Garage, and Bass House, etc. He was inspired by great names in the music industry since he was young that compelled him to follow the footsteps of his legends.

“Music is not just something that you listen to and forget. It’s not just another voice coming from the radio or somewhere you’re passing by. Music is a feeling… it has a heart and mind of its own that captivates people. It’s almost magical, the power music holds on us. As for me, I was captivated by music since I was very young, and not only just any kind of music but electronic bass. There is just something in that loud, aggressive, and raw music. There’s an element so soothing that only people who can connect with this sort of music can understand,” says Jonathan B Miller.

Recent Releases
Jonathan B Miller, also known as James Dece, has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his exceptionally gifted music skills. His releases during the beginning of 2020 had made it quite clear that he is rising to the top like a lightning bolt and will be as popular as any other name in the music industry. His endeavors last year like “Flippin It” and “Blow Up” have gained popularity as it has successfully redefined the realm of electronic base music. However, his experimental nature has also given rise to his exceptional track “Switchblade,” which is a class apart. This track is a thrilling mash-up of styles that defies categorization and brings something fresh and wildly enjoyable music for its listeners. His new experimental piece includes dubstep, breaks, and psytrance, to name a few,
to make unique yet pleasant music that keeps his originality intact.

“From the moment the track begins, a fast-paced four-to-the-floor beat builds the tension, but when the first drop appears, a psytrance-inspired triplet groove turns it up to eleven. Then I experimented with adding a tricky breaks segment right in the middle of “Switchblade,” just to surprise the audience with a second drop to make the audience go crazy,” says Miller while talking about his releases last year.

Later, by the end of 2020, Dece released a two-track EP titled “Shimmer / Total Annihilation.” This EP is a pure showcase of his talent to mix multiple music genres and mix up styles while using unimaginable elements in the middle to surprise his listeners at every chance he can get. The new single from James Dece is erratic in the best possible way. Changing it up at any stage can be exhausting. Still, Miller’s ability to effortlessly mix styles and parts creates a new and enjoyable path between impossible genres to achieve and demonstrates his producer abilities.

“Things were different last year, more aligned, I’d say. The pandemic hadn’t hit the world just yet, there was more to life than staying stuck inside, and music was a major part of my life indeed, but it wasn’t all I would do. In those times, the songs that I had released weren’t as experimental as I would like to go with my music. So, I would create an album with little experimental songs. However, the songs I released later that year were different. More played around and mixed up to spice things a bit while keeping the fresh grunge metal and my original music style alive in every chord and note. That’s what music is all about, to be fair. It’s about playing with the notes and defying your own sanity by creating something unique every single time,” says the Los Angeles artist.

From Electronic Bass to Sci-fi
The release of his latest EP, Annihilation, was inspired by Alex Garland’s Annihilation, a 2018 sci-fi horror movie. However, his music does not contain any pieces or elements from the movie itself. The style and elements used in these songs and the concept behind the birth of this music are influenced by the movie only.

“Just how the movie surprises the audience with the idea of the existence of another world that has an effect on the human world and gives the concept of coexistence. Similarly, the main inspiration behind my music was the idea of a possibility of coexistence of two different music genres. Just like the alien world forms a shimmer on earth, completely transforming the planet by engulfing it in a beautiful aura, my music was also an amalgamation of two styles that keep two genres cocooned with each other,” says James Dece while talking about his new EP.

James Dece, a sci-fi film buff, was so enthralled by the film that he felt compelled to compose his own music. Despite the fact it is not a true film score, it has been faithfully adapted into a bass-heavy style that can be appreciated by both listeners and EDM DJs. The songs were not recorded in a professional studio. All it took for Miller to record and produce the songs were his laptop, monitor, and headphones. Even though the music wasn’t heavily produced with extravagant equipment, it turned out to be just as expected, or even better given the response.

“I really wanted the listeners to see what I saw of this masterpiece of a film through music I created. Without taking even a sample of audio from this film at all, I have created my own original interpretation of it. How something created so beautifully through film can be experienced through a bass music spectrum,” said the artist while talking to EDM Sauce about his masterpiece. James further disclosed his plans for the near future as he said, “As far as 2021 goes, I already have a four-track EP signed for release with Recall Records, which is a spectrum of bass music including dubstep, midtempo, electro house, and speed house. Along with this, I have a three-song demo reel completed, which is unsigned and undisclosed submission targets, which is going to remain mysterious for now.”


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