T-Quest Music Review: ekay

First moment I spoke with ekay, I was already excited to interview her. Her vibe was so dope and I knew we were about to have some fun. Songstress & songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. ekay makes music written for herself and also words that she wishes someone would have said to her. The music she makes is very personal. A little Neo Soul R&B vibe. She’s always experimenting.

When ekay was younger, she always knew she wanted to leave her mark in this world. Her dad was really into music so it came natural to her. Growing up she had exposure to certain people and works that had a positive effect on her, whether it was a book reading, pieces of music she heard or art she had the luxury of witnessing being made. She wanted to replicate that. ekay tried a little of everything so she created something that was so personal to her that will resonate with someone else!

ekay pursued music but didn’t take it seriously or didn’t work on original music until 2017. In college she was a part of a radio club that broadcasted throughout the campus. During that time she would dig in the crates because she loved discovering music. Coming into her own, she decided to try out the instrumentals. She realized she loved it and appreciated how therapeutic the music was.  “As women artists, we’re so diverse. There’s so many channels that you have access to so there’s never a shortage of ways we can tell our side of stories that other women could resonate with us.

New Release

Recently ekay released a  song titled NICE was supposed to be on an EP but ended up just being a single. There’s a project coming out but this single will not be on it. Nice started off with the hook. It talks about a love interest.

“Whenever we women take a stand about what we want, it is either greeted positively or taken negatively. It’s a conversation about taking the time to stand up for yourself. I’m still out here doing me.”

This is more uptempo than what she usually does but please make sure you check it out. NICE by ekay is on all streaming platforms.  Follow ekay @reallyekay to join her on this journey.

T-Quest Music Review: ekay


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