Trinidad James: The new hip-hop fashion icon?

You probably know him from the single that launched his career, “All Gold Everything,” which has charted on the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B/Hip-Hop chart, or his catchy chorus line, “Popped a Molly, I’m Sweatin!” But Trinidad James’ name has been roaming the streets of Atlanta for quite a while now, not just due to his music. His passion for menswear has also brought high-profile attention.

Rocking Versace loafers, rolled-up red slacks, a leopard-print shirt from his favorite brand, Joyrich, and repping his country, with a Trinidad flag tied over his curly ‘fro, ”All Gold Everything” introduced James’ garish fashion style. James’ unique sense of style has continued to be discussed, copied, and criticized, with his fans taking note.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, James revealed how his love of fashion was enough for him to start his own clothing line, Gold Gang Gear. He hasn’t been rapping professionally for long, but he clearly understands hip-hop, its culture, and most importantly, the genre’s trends, which all influences his fashion sense.

James, who is known for his gold pieces, adorned and flashing on his fingers, wrists, and neck, worked as a manager at a boutique in Atlanta, called Top of the Underground, for about four years before he entered the rap game. James said that it was all part of his plan to do music, but to also throw in a clothing line as well.
…It’s all a part of the marketing and business plan behind music. When you get a chance to do something great, you got to capitalize on it. And capitalizing on it basically incorporates all the things that go along with it. You gotta have songs, you gotta have a movement, you gotta have people drawing portraits of you or whatever. So hey, why not make some clothes?”

Aside from booking contacts, only 4 words make up James’ Twitter bio: “Fashion is my heart.” And his website looks more like a clothing shop than a display of his music.

It may just be that James’ style will be the new face of hip-hop fashion in the near future. When looking at him at first glance, you may think why does he have so much jewelry on? And what is with that one gold tooth (Romey Rome)? But this is what he wants you to see – how his fashion is very unconventional. He does his hair when feels like it, he has crooked teeth, and he just doesn’t care and he’s okay with that!

James’ fashion influence came from his father, who mainly wore Versace and gold clothing. Looks like those fashion styles never left James’ mind when designing his own clothing line.

James’ fashion sense has definitely gained attention throughout the music and fashion world. Do you think James is the new hip-hop fashion maven?

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